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The Marshall Rosario Group Blog

Housing Market Inventory Rise Means 2019 May Be a Buyer’s Market

There has been a housing shortage in the USA for years. Declines in housing inventory have happened annually for the last 4 years. This has resulted in record-low inventories and it is the reason for so much competition and rising home prices. Well, it looks like that trend is about to shift which is good news for buyers in 2019!…

IRS Issues Final Rules on The 20 Percent Business Income Deduction

Tax Win: IRS Provides Clear Test on How 20% Deduction Applies to Rental Income, Exchanges The Internal Revenue Service has issued final rules on the 20 percent business income deduction (Sec. 199A of the Tax Code) that was enacted in late 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Among other things, the rules confirm that the deduction applies to…

Choosing The Right Realtor

Let’s face it, buying or selling a home is an emotional experience and you’ll want someone you trust, who will be there for you and who knows what is going on. Until you have actually been through the experience, you might be surprised at how many different things are involved in the purchase or sale of a home.  This is…

Caution! Don’t Believe These 7 Real Estate Myths!

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, know the truth! Don’t be robbed of an amazing purchase opportunity or from selling your home for more money. Here is a list of the most common myths we have come across over the years. 1. Setting a high price on your home leaves room for negotiations. This…

What The Fed Rate Increase Means For You.

Here we go again… As expected, and going against the wishes of some, the Fed increased policy rates by a quarter percent at their December meeting. This is the fourth hike this year and the ninth since 2015. Previously, the benchmark rate was kept at a record low for seven years. Who is the Fed? The Federal Reserve Board (the…

Winter Home

Solid Reasons to Buy Your New Home This Winter

Why buy your new home now?  Here are a few solid reasons why buying in winter is the perfect time to find your dream home. Buyer Competition Come spring, everyone looking for a new home will start their search again.  It is the peak season and it will run rampant through autumn.  Winter isn’t a popular time to move because…

White Modular Colonial Style Home

Manufactured Homes Soon To Qualify for Conventional Loans

At the end of November this year, FreddieMac announced the “ChoiceHome” conventional loan for manufactured housing.  This comes in the wake of many areas across the nation facing a housing shortage.   You can read the full article here.  In short, today’s Manufactured homes are of a higher quality than ever before but can be purchased at half the price of a…

Icon house inside a bubble with a pin ready to pop it

Are we in a Housing Bubble? See How New Mortgage Standards are Helping!

The Real Estate Market is shifting and becoming more normal.  The days of national home appreciation topping 6% are over.  Inventories are increasing and this is causing bidding wars to become a thing of the past. Some analysts see these as signs that the market will crash as it did back in 2008. Yes, it has become and is becoming…


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  • “ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We bought our fifth house this month and Marshall is the guy who got us here.  He is without doubt the best realtor we’ve ever worked with in the past 20 years. And here’s why.

    We thought we were literally his ONLY customers b/c we got that much attention and responsiveness every single time.  (We weren’t of course, but that’s how it felt!)

    Every single DAY, for WEEKS, he culled listings to find houses we’d like, based on our long and specific list of ‘it must have…” and sent them to us so that every  morning we had new listings to choose from.  We kept adding to our list of “it must have”s every week or so and we kept expanding our search or trying new neighborhoods in an attempt to find something livable.

    We would fire off ‘let’s see this one and let’s see that one’ and Marshall would book them super quick and drive around basically all of Portland AND all the SW suburbs, on these never-endingly steamy summer days, showing us house after house after house, as many as 9 on a weekend day, all with a smile on his face.  Even when we got crabby and exhausted by the grueling process, he remained totally upbeat that this would all work out.  He’s a great guy and someone you just want to hang out with anyway – which is good b/c if you’re as picky as us, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time doing that! 🙂

    After losing several bids in this insanely competitive market, we were really on the verge of giving up, but Marshall was the best cheerleader and lost no faith that we would definitely find The One.

    Because we’re so specific in what we needed, it took a good 50 or so houses to be looked at before we found The One.  And yes, we did and yes,  they accepted our offer!   It was like the Christmas Miracle had happened.  I’m not even kidding.

    We’d never be picking up keys to our new house today without Marshall there, every single step of the way, willing to show us everything and anything and giving the best advice all along the way.

    Thank you Marshall!  You are an outstanding realtor and a really good guy!!!!!!!!”

  • “I just moved to Portland and had very little knowledge of the markets here in Portabd and Marshall was very helpful at helping me find a house that fit my current needs. Highly recomend to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Very knowledgeable, resourceful and makes the process fun and easy.”

  • “Marshall Rosario is a phenomenal realtor to work with whether you’re buying or selling your home. There are a lot of informed, skilled, professional realtors in the Portland metro area. Not many of them can compete with Marshall’s integrity and grasp of his clients’ goals, however. He works hard to understand his clients’ needs and wants, and keeps his clients’ best interests clearly in view. His professional drive is matched only by his genuinely kind spirit. He is the realtor you would want guiding your aging parents through downsizing, or helping your kids or your best friends find their perfect home. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

  • We were buying a home remotely and many things needed to be done by Marshall on our behalf, such as visiting properties and contacting HOA for repairs etc. Marshall was very patient and responsive, and took care of these things swiftly. This made it possible for us to timely secure a contract in a very competitive real estate market. He stayed on top of the closing process, kept us informed on everything that we needed to be aware of. Overall, we highly recommend Marshall”