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We specialize in mortgage protection life insurance, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities. We have multiple insurance carriers inclusive of Americo, Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Athene and various others that we work with in order to be able to meet all the client’s needs.

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Types Of Insurance

Quite simply, life insurance may be one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Find out how much you need, and how your family will benefit.

A chronic illness or injury resulting in the need for long-term care can quickly deplete your life savings. See how long-term care insurance can give you independence and peace of mind.

Your ability to earn a living is most likely your largest asset. Learn how to protect your paycheck if you were to become ill or injured and unable to work.

Think of an annuity as a do-it-yourself pension plan. You provide a lump sum of money to an insurance company and in return you get a guaranteed stream of regular payments for the rest of your life (or for some specified period).

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