Investor Friendly Portland Realtor

Finding an investor friendly Real Estate Broker can be a challenging task.  Investors have different needs and expectations than retail buyers and sellers. 

Having worked with higher volume investors for the last 3 years, I understand the needs/expectations that flippers, wholesalers and buy/hold investors have.  Brokers also have challenges in this area because we get saturated with all the latest “investors” every time a new “flip with no money down” type program comes to town.  We also have to ensure that we are working with Broker friendly investors.  However, if you are a true investor, with or without experience, I’d love to schedule a time to talk or meet in person. 

Complete the form below or just shoot me a call, text or email and let’s discuss your investment goals.

Marshall has been on the buy and sell side of real estate transactions for me since June 2016. As a Real Estate Investor, I walk-through, buy and sell several transactions a year and Marshall always answers my calls and gets back to me ASAP. I have recommended Marshall to personal friends selling  their homes and to other Real Estate Investors needing a knowledgeable investment Real Estate Agent to assist them with any remodeling issues, questions or concerns, as well as, assistance in selling their investment property.  – Mike C. 

Tell Us About Your Investment Goals

Core Values

Business takes a second seat to my core values EVERY TIME, ALL THE TIME.  I believe in combining industry leading technology & multi-faceted sales systems with old fashioned values.  It may seem simple but I believe in a firm hand shake, a look in the eye, honesty, integrity and doing things for the right reasons.  Learn more about me here.


I am a top 3% producing Portland Real Estate Broker for transaction volume closed over the last 3 years.  I was a Premiere Property Group President’s Circle Award winner for 2016 & 2017, the highest level award for sales volume, from Oregon’s largest Brokerage.  I have assisted investors on flip projects, buy & holds, multi-family purchases, owner-carry contracts, direct marketing to sellers, CRM systems, website design and more.

Locate Deals

The ever important deal sourcing!  YES, there are still deals to be had on RMLS.  Assuming you aren’t demanding a 30%+ ROI.  The auction sites still have some homes with meat on the bone as well.  I also have a presence in the wholesale market and am open to marketing direct to sellers on a partnership contribution.

Understand The Numbers

I understand the numbers!  Once I know your investment objectives, I’ll be able to look at almost any transaction and truly break down wether it’s something to look further into or not.  I’ve got a good idea of what rehab numbers look like on a retail basis and what they should be like on an investor owned crew basis too. As a full time Broker, I’m on the ground floor every day.  I know the market and trends as well as any Broker out there.  Adding to that, I have a great understanding of market value amenities.

Team Support

With access to Broker support from over 300 Brokers at the office, and over 2000 in Broker groups, I’m able to get showing support very quickly.

Responsive Communication

Picking up the phone seems to be a dying trait in the real estate world.  I prioritize clients and pride myself on being extremely responsive.  If I’m with a client, I will text saying when I will be available or will quickly answer any urgent calls, texts or emails.  Getting things off our plate relieves some stress in this process so I try to handle things ASAP.

Great Reviews

I have great reviews from high volume investors and retail clients.  I take my business seriously and strive to ensure all clients are 100% satisfied with my service.  See my reviews here.

Volume Discounts

I am open to a sliding scale commission structure based on volume, who sources the initial transaction for flips, sharing in marketing costs, adjusting commission structure to keep transactions alive, when necessary, and just finding ways to make win/win scenarios.