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Why Neighborhood Research Is Crucial To Finding Your Dream Home

The best advice we can offer on this is to know what you want and then find it.

When shopping for a new home, many people tend to focus on the house itself.  Is there a fenced in yard, a garage, how many bedrooms, etc.  While these things are important and we all want to be happy and comfortable in our new home, what happens when you go outside?

During a home search we tend to forget to evaluate the whole neighborhood, especially when that perfect house appears and catches your eye.   Yet, in a recent Trulia survey, they found that 36% of those surveyed would leave their current neighborhood for a different one.  It seems that location and age contribute to an even higher percentage.

They found that “way of life” and “vibe,” are of significant influence because people want a neighborhood that is a good fit for their lifestyle.  This was just as important, to those surveyed, as the house itself.

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Here are a few ways to choose the perfect neighborhood.

Make a list of what you must have in your new home and in your new neighborhood.  Is the ability to walk places a “must-have?”  What about parks, family friendly neighborhoods or are you looking for that loft in the hot spot, overlooking the water?  Would you prefer lively or quiet?  Maybe quiet with the ability to walk to a lively area?

So how do you figure out what a neighborhood offers and more importantly what your lifestyle will be like when you get there?

It couldn’t be easier, just check out our neighborhood pages!  You will find a bunch of Portland neighborhoods, suburbs and the incredible communities within the suburbs.  Find out what the schools are like, what your morning commute will be like and what kind of shops, restaurants and parks are in the vicinity.

Another option might be to set an appointment and just tour the house you love.  Once the house tour is over, take a walk or a nice drive around the neighborhood while you are there.  Get friendly!  Start a conversation with anyone you meet outside.  Stop in to one of the local coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, etc., and talk to the people working there.  Ask them what they like and don’t like about the neighborhood.  Ask them if the residents are involved in the community, if it is noisy at night, etc.

Bottom Line

Your new home might be everything you ever wanted and if not, you can renovate, change and repaint.  Once you move in, your neighborhood is there to stay and you take it as it is.  Choosing the right neighborhood is essential and it will make a difference in your quality of life which will quickly feel like “home.”

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